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Posted on Jul 1, 2011

Welcome to, the official web site of Voice-Over Artist Kate Wirth.

Feel free to browse the site, listen to voice over audio samples of Kate’s voice-over work or contact Kate to find out availability and discuss using Kate for your next web, radio or television project. Site Tour

Here are some of the site’s highlights to help you around the site:

Voice Over Audio Samples

Kate’s commercial demo reel, narrative demo reel, as well as a recent job or two are posted in this section. This will give you a feel for Kate’s voice, and if you’d like to hear something different, please let Kate know by completing the contact form or calling Kate directly at (425) 280-8962.

Voice Over Rates

This page is posted to provide a basis for pricing based on the type of project and audience reach. Pricing for some of the more common projects are posted, as well as a more in-depth pricing list based on industry averages.

Kate is flexible with her pricing, so if the project or rate you have in-mind isn’t listed, feel free to use the contact form to provide detail of the project and your budget. Kate can follow-up from there.

Meet Kate Wirth

Curious about the woman behind the voice? This page has the 4-1-1!!!

Contact Kate

Kate happily accepts phone calls at (425) 280-8962; for those that prefer to send a message, please use the contact form on this page and a message will be generated and sent to Kate.

Commercial Voice Over Work

Kate’s recent projects and general information on commercial voice over projects — the voice over process, what to expect, delivery of audio, payment, etc.

 Narrative Voice Over Work

Some projects call for a ‘softer touch’ and this is certainly true for most narrative projects, including audio books. Check out this page for things to consider when preparing and hiring for your narrative voice over project.

Perhaps You’ve Heard

Recent voice over projects Kate was involved in are highlighted on this page.

Voice Over Phone Systems

One area of a corporate image that is sometimes overlooked is the phone system greeting. Kate highlights the benefit of refreshing the “voice” of your company on this page.

Script Assistance Available!

You toil over the details of a voice over project for weeks or months and when it comes time to finalize the script, suddenly you freeze! Kate is excellent with words, both orally and visually. She is happy to help finalize or spruce up the script!

The Blog

Projects highlighted, tips provided, food for thought and other goodies are posted on Kate’s blog.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Try the search at the top of the site; use our contact form to send a message or just give Kate a call!