Audio Samples

The following is a short collection of Kate’s voice over audio samples. Additional styles are available. Please feel free to contact Kate to arrange for an audition.

Kate’s commercial demo reel: [audio:kate-wirth-voice-over-commercial.mp3|titles=Voice Over Artist Kate Wirth Commercial Demo Reel] (OR click here)

Kate’s narration demo reel: [audio:kate-wirth-voice-over-narrative.mp3|titles=Voice Over Artist Kate Wirth Narrative Demo Reel] (OR click here)

Kate in “Sono Bello” Radio ads: [audio:voice-over-audio-samples-kate-wirth-sono-bello.mp3|titles=Voice Over Artist Kate Wirth Narrative Sono Bello Radio Spot #1] (OR click here)

Voice Over Audio Samples – Styles

The above voice over audio samples are geared toward radio commercials but Kate is not limited to these styles in any way. If you’d like to hear something a little different, please contact Kate to arrange for a more targeted audition.

Voice Over Audio Samples – Formats

Voice over audio samples come in many formats. If the above clips won’t play for you or you would like to forward the audio clips to another party offline, we are happy to forward voice over audio samples in mp3 format to you.


Thanks for Listening!